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Chiesi is an international pharmaceutical company that develops and commercialises innovative pharmaceutical solutions to improve the quality of human life. For the purpose of innovation and medical progress, we maintain a close partnership with the medical professionals and scientists in the health care sector (health professionals) as well as health organisations. These partnerships may take different forms and certain partnerships include financial compensation.


These partnerships are strictly regulated by legislation and the umbrella associations' deontological codes. Financial compensations contribute the quality of health care in a broad sense and are never a means to influence the integrity of health care providers.


As an important step towards greater transparency, the industry has now also developed a common, central and open transparency platform in close partnership with various health professional associations and health institutions, namely www.betransparant.be. Transparency requirements have been strengthened in law due to the Belgian Sunshine Act since 2018. This act determines that all pharmaceutical and medical resource companies, both Belgian and foreign, must document all grants and benefits that they assign, either directly or indirectly, to health professionals, organisations in the health care sector or patient associations and publish this on the platform betransparent.be annually.


1. What will be published?

The financial contributions that will be published are:

  1. compensation for provided services (such as consultancy and lectures);
  2. contributions for the costs for congresses and other scientific meetings (registration fees, accommodation costs and travel expenses);
  3. donations and grants in the interest of a health facility;
  4. donations and grants in the interest of patient organisations.


2. Chiesi

In accordance with de existing legislation (2018) and based on permission given by health professionals (2016-2017), Chiesi has uploaded the information that needed to be published. As per Chiesi's Privacy Policy, this information is only published for transparency purposes.


2.1 Belgium

You can find an overview of financial compensation for Belgian health professionals and/or institutions via the following link: http://www.betransparent.be/ over the last three (3) financial years

As of 2018, the financial compensation granted to patient organisations can also be consulted via http://www.betransparent.be/.


2.2 Luxembourg

No financial compensation has been granted to health professionals, health institutions or patient organisations in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg between 2016 and 2018.


Here below you can find the overview of the financial compensations:


3.Questions or comments

If you have any questions or comments regarding the information Chiesi has published in the register, please send an email to: compliancebelgium@chiesi.com.