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As a general practitioner or a specialist, you rely on a pharmaceutical producer who you see as an equal partner. Who is objectively informing you and who really listens to you. Who works closely with you for the wellbeing of your patients.

A medical breakthrough is never the work of one single genius. Not even that of a single company. It is the result of a collaboration between countless scientists and healthcare professionals. This is why Chiesi maintains strong connections with individual doctors, medical associations, pharmacists, nurses. We listen to their experiences and support their first-hand knowledge from daily practice.

Optimise your expertise

Are you looking for independent and up-to-date information on therapeutic areas such as respiratory diseases, neonatal care and rare diseases? Let Chiesi help you on your way. You’re welcome at scientific training courses and conferences on the newest medical developments in our areas of expertise.

Chiesi invests in specialised websites for medical professionals. Visit them and you’ll find online training courses, services and objective medical information. You’ll see a treasure trove of information on asthma and COPD on SmallAirways.be.

Suggestion: also on the general websites below, healthcare professionals will find invaluable information:

Optimise our expertise too

From your position as a doctor, you look at the practice of medicine from a completely unique perspective. And this vision is of inestimable value to us. Do you have ideas on how to further improve our medicines and treatment methods? Tell us!