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Neonatology concerns preterm babies. As their organs are not yet fully developed, they often need extra care and medicines. For many years, Chiesi has been working with neonatologists around the world to meet these needs.

We focus on two diseases that result from under-developed lungs:

Apnoea in preterm infants

When preterm infants suffer from apnoea, their breathing is suspended for periods of more than 20 seconds. This can lead to a slower heartrate and less oxygen in the blood. Mild apnoea can be resolved by tactile stimulation of the baby, while pharmacological intervention is needed in more severe cases.

Respiratory Distress Syndrome (RDS)

RDS is the most common respiratory disease in preterm infants. It can be recognised by:

  • cyanotic skin tone
  • rapid or difficult breathing
  • a grumbling sound when exhaling

RDS arises from a shortage of pulmonary surfactant – a compound that helps the lungs to expand. Treatment methods include the administration of oxygen and/or an external surfactant.