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CHIESI has launched the WE ACT (WE Actively Care for Tomorrow) programme worldwide, in which its employees actively and sustainably take care of their environment, in the broadest sense of the word. The employees of CHIESI Belgium concentrate on 4 domains: well-being and health, mobility, (work)environment and good causes.

We are pleased to announce the start of our collaboration with BOKS (the Belgian organisation for adults and children with metabolic diseases) on 28 February, the day of rare diseases. Within the framework of WE ACT, this year the Chiesi employees will set up actions for the benefit of BOKS and will roll up their sleeves in a number of their activities.


Together with BOKS, we want to put metabolic diseases, a collective name for disorders caused by a genetic defect in the metabolic system, and all patients affected by these diseases in the spotlight.

More information about BOKS and their activities can be found at www.boks.be