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Innovation is the driving force of every technologically advanced industry, but for the pharmaceutical industry it plays a vital role since it directly contributes to your health.

Research and development represents a fundamental asset for the growth of Chiesi. In fact, 75% of our turnover comes from the products developed by our R&D division.
Nonetheless, their role goes further than inventing new products. They are involved throughout the entire life cycle of every medicine: from pre-clinic research up to and including regulatory activities. Even the continuous monitoring of existing medication (pharmacovigilance) falls under the responsibilities of the R&D department.

Consequently, Chiesi reinvests a great amount of its turnover into R&D. Within Europe, we are among the pharmaceutical companies filing the highest number of patents. We keep our focus on our traditional therapeutic areas. At the same time, we expand into other innovative areas such as biotechnology and stem cell and gene therapy. As such, we offer people with rare and difficult-to-treat diseases a new perspective.


The development of new therapies is becoming ever more complex. On top of this, resources are not inexhaustible: there is a continuous call for cost management in health care.

This is why Chiesi counts on strategic partners inside and outside the pharmaceutical industry. We share our expertise and tune our efforts to those of others. The result: an efficient use of resources and maximum benefit for health. Find out more about our partners.