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Our aim is to be recognised as a research-focused international Group, able to develop and commercialise innovative pharmaceutical solutions to improve the quality of human life.

We rely on a strong team to accomplish this aim. We wish to maintain a high quality entrepreneurial team characterised by self-confidence and a collaborative spirit.

Our goal is to combine commitment to results with integrity, operating in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.
Our values
  • Reliable company – We want to be recognised as a Company that adopts and promotes transparent ethical behaviour at all levels, in line with the norms and regulations that are inspired by Corporate Social Responsibility principles.
  • Focus on people – We firmly believe that our people are our most valuable asset. We will therefore strive to continuously promote and satisfy development needs, paying particular attention to the quality of our working environment and collective wellbeing.
  • Team spirit – To reach our objectives single professionals are not enough on their own. Our success will come from the contribution of our people working together as a team where everyone is aware that the team’s success is more important than individual success.
  • Every one of us is Chiesi – Everyone is an integral part of our company, creator of its future and advocate of our distinctive values. We are all responsible for the company’s reputation in every context and towards every stakeholder.
  • Value generation – Our driving force is to generate value today and in the future through entrepreneurship and innovation. Entrepreneurship means having the competencies to take responsibility and calculate the risk to challenge the present and grasp opportunities that are in line with our principles. Innovation means the capability to continuously change through a consistent process of appreciating the value of intuition and the generation of ideas coming from within our professional community.
  • Focus on customers – We aim to continuously appreciate and perceive the needs of our customers; guaranteeing them total satisfaction by being responsive, through the excellence of our products/services and through the passion for relationships demonstrated in our daily work.
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